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    The idea behind this course is not just to sell some homemade amateur videos to you. The real idea behind it is to guide you through the whole learning process and help you become successful in the cryptocurrency industry. I want to find very motivated people who I can partner with after they understand the industry. We can work together and innovate together, 1,000 minds create better things than 1

    Introduction video

    In this video you will be able to understand all the videos within the course, the importance of each one of them, and mostly, how to decide which one is for you and which one is not.

    What is blockchain

    This video is meant for beginners, people who have no idea what blockchain is or what cryptocurrency is. If you have some or advanced knowledge in the industry, this video might not be the right fit for you.

    How to start in the crypto world

    This video is meant for beginners who already understand what crypto is or have watched my “What is Blockchain” video and are ready to start buying crypto. If you have some or advanced knowledge in the industry, this video might not be the right fit for you.

    Wallets and miners fees

    This video is meant for people who understand about crypto and are familiar with buying and selling crypto, if you already watched “What is blockchain” and “How to start in the crypto world” videos. It is very important for you to also watch this video. If you are familiar with the crypto industry and want to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in miners fees, this is a good option as well for you.

    Cryptocurrency opportunities

    This video is meant for advanced users who want to detect real opportunities in the industry and catch them early. I suggest watching my previous videos before watching this one.

    Scams and frauds

    How to never be scammed with a cryptocurrency project. “If it looks like a duck, cuacks like a duck and walks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK” I will show you how to detect scams and run away from them, what to tell people who are trying to get you to invest and how to protect your loved ones from falling for those scams.

    Crypto Investments

    In this video I will teach you how to select the right way to invest in crypto for very small amounts of money and get juicy returns on your investments without hurting your pocket at all. With this video I will show you how $10-$25 dollars a week can get you thousands without ever giving your money to anyone.

    Research and Development

    If you got all the way to this video and are ready to take a big dive into the crypto world, I will show you how to create the perfect idea for a big project which can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

    Create your own coin

    Getting to this video means you are very serious about making money in crypto in the right way. I will show you the main things you need to know about creating a crypto currency and what are the challenges you might encounter, I will give you access to my personal contacts for development and legal so you don’t get in any trouble.

    Create your own crypto project

    Do you want to be the next ethereum? I will show you in this video what to do to plan the next BIG THING, not just that, once you become serious, I will personally provide my services to facilitate your dream becoming a reality and if the project makes enough sense, I can also get you in front of investors.

  • Development

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  • Innovation

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